Saturday, 24 September 2011

Darcey Dances Away !

The sun was shining on us today and it was lovely walking and enjoying the autumn weather. Of course the woofs were very pleased to see us. Julia and I started early to sort the beds out but we were soon joined by Becks and Bernice who stayed all day and walked miles leaving some very happy boys and girls in their wake. Mind you we had to check their pockets and cars before they left in case they had smuggled out the gorgeous collie babes June and Bridie, what poppets they are. Initially they decided that they couldn't walk as everything was scarey but after some cuddles and time to get used to us they discovered that they did have legs and amazingly they worked, Thanks Becks and Bernice for your patience with them.
Then we were joined by Mick and Lin and foster dog Sam who looks brilliant. Lin was supposed to be taking it easy but still managed some short walks and lots of cuddles.
Sharon and Olwyn popped over to give Lenny the bassett a manicure, not that he was too impressed as all he wanted to do was strut his stuff with his many girlfriends. Lenny you are such a scream.
Plenty of new faces for me to meet, Sally, Max, Piper and Pippin as well as the old faithfuls Prince, Merlin, Roxy, Russell and Rosie.
Flora never ceases to amaze me, she was positively skipping along this afternoon with her Prince Charming and then she sat next to me and let me stroke her all over without flinching, brave girl.
Two sets of visitors today. One set met several dogs and hopefully will be returning tomorrow to take home the " boy" who has adopted them !    But it was the wonderful "dancing Darceys" turn today !! What a gorgeous girl, so happy and would always greet you with a little dance of excitement, almost like she was doing an Irish jig.  Well done Darcey, have fun in your new home and don't throw away your dancing shoes !
See you all again soon
Love Eleanor x

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Two down, two to go (puppies that is)

A very big thank you to Julia, who started early in the barn before walking many dogs and to Becks and Bernice who walked their socks off in the afternoon. The weather was very kind to us indeed which makes it such a pleasure to walk. Becks gave Bryn a lovely groom after walking him on the long line and he looked so smart,  I also think Becks is a little in love with Miss Darcy who is full of fun and mischief. Thank you very much all of you, your help was invaluable.

The good news is that two puppies went home to-day. Lucy went to share her home with a little human brother and sister. Tommy has gone to a home with two older boys. Have a great life both of you. You are such darlings. I think foster Mum and Dad, Eleanor and Neil will miss you, but they are very happy for you.

Flora was walked by her favorite Auntie Julia along with Cam and I had Meg. I was very honoured Flora let me stroke her head and tickle her chin. She is coming along in bounds and strides. Very heartwarming indeed.

Newbies Pip and Piper were a pleasure to walk. Piper was too nervous to walk yesterday, but to-day she was eager to get going. Glen smothered Becks and Bernice with lots of kisses. He is a real sweetheart (well, arn't they all).

Di and Stefan stopped by on the way home to Cornwall and Ruby and Bobby strutted their stuff. It was a pleasure to see you again hope you had a good drive home.

A very good day for dogs and walkers alike. Thank you again everyone.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

An Absence of sausages

A very big thank you to all of to-days walkers - to Julia (with Indy and Mack); Barbara (with Benjy); Sharon (with Mickey) and Jenny (with Jasper and Best in Show Winner Podge). Podge was proudly showing off his winner's collar and lead - very smart indeed.

The weather was kind to us, all the dogs were very well behaved and spent time being walked and socialising with each other. Benjy had loads of fun running with Wiccs own dogs, Merlin and Jack. Flora was eager for her walk to begin - so heartwarming to see her coming out of her shell. She didn't do much flirting to-day except with Fifi. We had to remind her that Fifi is a girl! We don't want Prince's nose put out of joint. Glen and new boy Max are real cuddle monsters and Max tried to help Raymond drive the car by sitting on his lap, quite a feat for a big boy (Max not Raymond!).

I was in trouble with Mildred and Felix when I first arrived because, horror of horrors, I forget to bring sausages - they are still in the fridge. Well, the cats ignored me for the rest of the day. I shall have to make it up next time.

A lovely day, with lovely dogs and peeps. Thanks again folks for your help and your company.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Saturday 3rd September. WISPA DON'T SHOUT.......

Amid the walking, show preparations and general toing and froing the little, gorgeous, smiley and happy Wispa won over her new owners. And although when they left the yard with Wispa in the back, it did look as though she was forming a cunning plan to get nearer to her new mum and dad, probably before the end of the drive!

Young Freddy having only arrived this week also adopted his new mum and dad.  Have a lovely life both of you.

Thank you to all who helped with the walking, hopefully see you at the show?